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Ask attention to the beauty using colors for high quality hair. Not all brands make your hair beautiful and healthy. Choose from the big companies on the website the one that produces the color that suits you and experience the difference. The products here are all tested and guaranteed. The hair color is to give the hair dye some type of color, other than that conferred by the natural melanin. There are different types of hair color. We can distinguish those plants, metal ones, and finally the temporary synthetic ones. The generic term dye is mainly refers to synthetic ones. Vegetable dyes: Here the term dye is used improperly. In fact, these substances are not able to color the whole hair in a uniform manner, but merely confer colored reflections. Hair color vegetable dyes are extracted from plants, are little allergenic and / or irritating but have a limited range of colors. Once applied, they bind to the hair with weak bonds to hydrogen, for which the color has a resistance conferred temporary and not permanent. Henna is a hair color plant substance that can give the dark hair a reddish-orange with copper hues, while the blond or light reflections produces red-carrot. Another plant substance is Azulene, which is extracted from chamomile via pressing of flowering tops. Azulene is a hair color highlighters for blond or light. The third substance vegetable dye is the Indigo, which is extracted by maceration from plants belonging to the family of indigo. Indigo by itself gives a blue color; why you use it in combination with henna in order to give the hair a brownish-red reflex. The molecule responsible for the blue hair color is the indican, which in turn originates indoxyl by hydrolysis, which will be oxidized to form the indigo. Gradual or metallic dyes. These dyes give the hair the desired color in a very gradual, so repeated applications are necessary. The gradual dyes are mainly composed of metal salts capable of forming metal oxides, or react with sulfur-containing compounds (originating metal sulphides), such as keratin, cystine and cysteine. The salts in question are lead acetate and salts of bismuth, copper, nickel, cobalt or manganese. The dye formulation type is that of lead acetate in aqueous solution of glycerin; it presents a series of characteristics: He works very slowly to give the desired color; Accentuates the color of dark hair; Addition of lead acetate can be used silver nitrate (AgNO3), which is only used in products for eyelashes and eyebrows. The maximum concentration is 4%. This substance gives a black color to bright light, because in contact with it the silver nitrate originates pure silver. Silver nitrate has some toxicity to humans; In fact, the product is marked can be harmful, keep away from the eyes.

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